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Jan 08 , 2018


Today we are featuring the LOCTITE EA 9696 AERO Epoxy Film Adhesive (formerly known as Hysol EA 9696)

LOCTITIE EA 9696 AERO is a modified epoxy film adhesive designed for applications requiring both high toughness and service temperatures to 250°F/121° C. can be used in both metal to metal and honeycomb bonding applications. Ability to cure at low temperatures: balanced flow, excellent environmental resistance; exceeds creep and fatigue requirements; and long shop out-time make it suitable for a variety of bonding applications.

Here are just a few of the benefits of this product:

.  Greater durability over the life of the production article lowers repair costs

.  Widens design abilities

.  Enables us of one adhesive for applications requiring toughness and 250° F performance

.  Lowers clean-up costs

.  Enables use of one adhesive for both honeycomb and metal to metal application

.  Lowers handling and storage costs

.  Ability to be used on sound suppression assemblies.

Are you currently using the product and need technical assistance?  Do you have a question to see if your process would benefit from using EA 9696?

Our VP of Technical Sales, Steve Groshong, with over 30 years in the industry, is an expert in the use and application of EA 9696 and would be happy to answer your questions. Steve can be reached at: 425-359-3033 or

If you would like to check on available stock please reply to:


Andrew S. Crouse, President