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David H. Sutherland & Co., Inc. is pleased to host ongoing demonstrations in Booth D-15 of L&L Products:

Nov 16 , 2017



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David H. Sutherland & Co., Inc. is pleased to host ongoing demonstrations in Booth D-15 of L&L Products:

“Advanced Epoxy Solutions Meeting both FST Standards and 60 Second Vertical Burn Testing”

L & L Products L—9100 series epoxies are room temperature cure (RTC) adhesives designed to bond to various substrates (metal, thermoplastics and composites) that are commonly used in aircraft interiors and other mass transit applications.  They are Fire Smoke and Toxicity (FST) compliant, meeting both the 12 second and 60 second vertical burn requirements.


Addresses solutions for:

·         Bonding potted inserts into honeycomb composite panels and builds enough green strength within 70 minutes of application to apply greater than 50 inch pounds of torque on the inserts.  This greatly reduces the fixture time required to move to the next step in the composite building process, therefore lowering cost and improving productivity.

·         Offers non-slumping so that it can be applied to a vertical surface with no run-out. L-9115 has a 15 to 20-minute work life and a shorter fixture time compared to known competitive products. L-9115 builds enough green strength at room temperature to remove from fixture after approximately 2 hours. This fixture time can be accelerated with heat if desired.

·         Longer open time with a delayed amine blush solution which allows an open work life of 40-50 minutes after application without skinning over like traditional epoxies that may require agitation or stirring after being applied. This breakthrough provides more predictable outcomes when faced with FOD and staged manufacturing processes.


About L&L Products

L&L Products is a technology driven business-to-business company that has unique expertise in static sealing, acoustics, vibration reduction, structural reinforcements and composite components for automotive, aerospace, commercial vehicle and other industrial application. Founded in 1958, L& L Products has production facilities in the USA, Europe, China, India, Australia, Turkey and Brazil.

About David H. Sutherland & Co., Inc.

As a global supplier of composite and specialty products for aerospace and high performance industry, David H. Sutherland & Co., Inc. offers a wide variety of products including, but not limited to, film and past adhesive, topcoats and primers, mold sealer and release agents, metal/surface treatment chemicals and sealants.  DHSCO is pleased to be celebrating its 66th year of serving customers worldwide.


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