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Success is a team game. It’s why we are selective in the manufacturers we choose to represent. When our customers are successful, we are successful. Whether your needs require Long Term Agreements or need-it-now urgency we are in your corner.

Product name (part number), NSN, or Specification:
  • 3M3M - All restricted International aerospace products: Tapes, Paste Adhesives, Film adhesives, etc.
  • henkelHenkel
  • frekoteFREKOTE - Mold Release
  • hysolHYSOL - Paste Adhesive, Film Adhesive & Resins
  • maskMask Off - Protective Tapes, Masking Products
  • ncpNCP - Military Carc Coatings & Primers
  • wfWestern Filament Inc - Lacing Tapes, Cord, Expandable Sleeving, Insulation
  • gpGeneral Plastics - High Strength, Light Weight Foam Custome Engineering Services
  • gpEngineered Solutions , Making Aircraft Interiors Lighter, Stronger and Quieter along FST compliancy
  • lexanLexan - Film Sheeting
  • sandSandstrom - Dry Film Lubricants>
  • gpFilm Adhesives, Paste Adhesives and Resins.
    Formerly HYSOL
  • sandSurface Treatment Chemicals. Formerly ALODINE & Turco
  • sandPolyurethane foam
  • sandFinishing Solutions